Top 10 Priorities for 2012

Top 10 Priorities for 2012

1. Continue to be a great wife (hopefully he agrees) to my wonderful husband
2. Give birth to a healthy baby in April or May…praying for a safe delivery
3. Learn how to make baby food for our little one from scratch and prepare home cooked meals at least twice a week
4. Kick ass at my corporate job
5. Learn how to sew
6. Renovate and move into our new house this year
7. Turn the house into a home
8. Spend more time with family and friends
9. Discover new restaurants and hopefully still be able to travel a little bit this year
10. Learn how to blog to meet new friends and get advice on homemaking and mommyhood from all of you…I’m going to need it!

Whew! Hello world and happy new year everyone!


2 responses

  1. For home-made baby food I think a food mill would be helpful. I saw some inexpensive ones at SM’s baby section (while looking for baptismal gifts) and at Pioneer Center’s kitchen supplies aisle.

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