The Belly Band vs the Belly Belt…For the belly bumps out there!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I had somewhat mixed emotions.  It’s not that I wasn’t happy to be having our first baby but there were so many questions like “Am I ready for this?”  and “Will I be a good mom?”

But like many first time moms, my anxieties quickly turned into pure joy and excitement…not to mention that being pregnant is an awesome excuse to shop because things don’t fit you anymore (although that in itself is somewhat stressful sometimes…I’m sure you ladies out there know what I mean).  Two of my first purchases when I was around 2 months pregnant were the Belly band and the Belly belt in preparation for when I couldn’t zip my jeans up anymore.   I didn’t want to wear maternity jeans since I couldn’t find any that fit me well here in Manila.  I got both of these at Havin a Baby or HAB in Greenbelt 5.

It’s been 4 months since then and I’d like to share my experiences with these two products with all of you!

The Belly Band

The Belly Band costs around 500 pesos (around 12 USD) and you wear it over your unzipped jeans.  It’s pretty long, I folded it in half for this picture:

It looks like this when you wear it over your jeans:

Pros:  Easy to use, comfortable, looks good under normal shirts or clothes, it just looks like you have a tank top under your shirt.  Full coverage and you don’t worry about your jeans falling down since it’s pretty snug.

Cons: Can feel a little hot for Manila weather since it’s stretchy, full panel fabric and it sometimes rides up a bit when I sit down.

The Belly Belt

The Belly Belt costs 1,100 (around 25 USD) but I think I got it on sale.  It looks like this and comes with extra pieces for you to extend your jeans or slacks.

As your tummy gets bigger, you wear the belt with a fabric cover in the middle to cover any skin that might be showing, like so:

Pros:  Comes with different size belts for you to use as your tummy gets bigger, I really like the concept.  When you use this for slacks, the black fabric cover is all right but still a bit bulky.

Cons:  You’re supposed to use the first, smallest belt when your tummy isn’t that big yet, but I found it left an awkward gap that showed some skin above my underwear since the fabric doesn’t fit in the smallest belt.  I also find that the buttons on the belt are quite small for jeans so they keep coming off, and the fabric covers are bulky and too long (you have to stuff them into your pants).  I’ve only used this once or twice since I don’t have jeans that exactly fit the color of the fabric covers so I have to wear longer shirts to cover up the waist area which makes me just want to use the Belly Band instead.

The Verdict:  Belly Band all the way!

I looked up some tutorials and I’m thinking recreating this on my own might even be my first sewing project since it looks pretty simple to make.  I’m just rounding up the sewing stuff I need and getting acquainted with my new sewing machine through browsing through the operation manual in my free time.  🙂


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