Hummus on bagel chips

You know how pregnant women crave weird things?  Like pickles and ice cream?  Or potato chips crumbled on cupcakes?  Well, lately I’ve been addicted to hummus.  Yes, hummus the chickpea dip!  I’ve been going through it like crazy, scarfing down a small tub (150 Php for 150 g) of it, almost every day.  I discovered this great hummus from the place where I buy bagels and bagel chips in Salcedo Market, Krizza’s House of Breads.  It’s fresh, velvety, just garlicky enough and made with good quality olive oil.  That it’s healthy too is just a bonus.

It’s made by Meeta of Heart 2 Hearth and you can get it in the Saturday market but I also order it from her during weekdays to make sure I have a steady supply.

Before I found this, I wanted to make my own hummus but I couldn’t seem to find one of the ingredients, tahini, anywhere in Manila.  I’ve tried the Wild Garden jarred hummus at Healthy Options but it just can’t compare with freshly made, it has this weird acidic taste that’s probably from preservatives.  The hummus at Cafe Mediterranean just doesn’t cut it for me either in terms of texture and taste.  Second best on my list is the hummus at Cyma or Go Greek, but only if I can’t get my hands on this stuff from Heart 2 Hearth.  If anyone has a great hummus recipe or knows of a source of tahini here in Manila please do share!

I sometimes have it on carrot sticks or whole wheat melba toast, but I think it’s best on these bagel chips (evidenced by the nearly empty package).  I asked Krizza’s House of Breads if they have a store or a branch but for now they just make their products from their home in Las Pinas…so the Salcedo market is the only place I can get my fix!

Yum!  Better than chocolate…for now.  🙂


5 responses

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I love hummus too but have never tried that one in Salcedo market…I will have to get some next time! To think I sometimes buy bread from that very stall (I like their whole wheat pan de sal)!

    The last time I bought tahini was from Healthy Options…

  2. Hi Joey and Paul, wow thanks so much! I will have to check out Healthy Options and/or Santis very soon. I’ve been wanting to try out the basic hummus recipe I saw on Saveur’s website for some time now, unless you guys have a tried and tested recipe? 🙂

  3. i have a tried and tested recipe! 🙂 i like to add some 4-5 roasted and mashed eggplants to the batch making a hybrid hummus-moutabal dip, and its fantastic! (at least that’s what my fiance says). i get my tahini from Assad’s along Jupiter St. or in Manila. Its about P250-280 for a container and good for about 4 batches.

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