Zubuchon two ways

Peking duck isn’t the only thing that I like cooked two or three ways.  🙂  Today we had Zubuchon (roast pig) two ways and it was delicious.

First, I made lechon sinigang.  Sinigang is a Filipino classic, it’s some sort of protein (usually pork, shrimp or fish) in a sour broth with vegetables.  Sinigang using tamarind or miso as souring agents for the broth are my favorites.

To make this, I boiled some water along with onions, tomatoes and some of the lechon ribs for around an hour and a half to get the broth really tasty.  Then I added the lechon meat and simmered that for around 20 minutes and seasoned it with a little salt, pepper, and some sriracha (the husband and I love a little spice in our sinigang).  Then I added the veggies and the sinigang mix, I use Herb’s Best mix for this since it has no MSG, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives.

It came out just the way we like it, with tender meat in a tangy, slightly spicy broth and slightly crunchy vegetables.

For the second way, we had oven-roasted Zubuchon.  I preheated the oven to 375 degrees as suggested in the reheating instructions.  Then I put the lechon skin pieces on a rack above a baking pan and baked this for 10 minutes before I added the rest of the lechon meat for another 10 minutes.  The result?  Crunchy, tasty yumminess:

We had this with a lot of plain rice, and three types of dipping sauces on the side:  pinakurat (spicy vinegar from fermented coconut nectar), patis with calamansi and sili (fish sauce with Philippine lemon and chili) and Mang Tomas (liver sauce for lechon that my husband likes and I hate hehe).


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