Sewing supplies and fabric in Manila

Ever since I got interested in sewing, I’ve been on the lookout for sewing supplies and fabric in Manila.  The range available here is definitely a lot less than available abroad, especially for the sewing notions and sewing machine supplies, but there’s still a lot to work with.  🙂  Here’s what I have so far, will keep updating it with new finds:

Fabric/Tela in Manila

Most stores I’ve been to have a similar range of available fabric, with a lot of plain and printed cotton, knits (jersey, rayon knits, modal, copra knits), denim, silk, organdy, chiffon, and georgette.  Most of the fabric shops only carry fabric and do not have any notions or sewing supplies, which you will have to purchase in a different store.  Here are some of the shops I’ve been to lately:

Cotton Depot (3/F Glorietta 5, Festival Mall and Mall Of Asia) – Cotton Depot carries a wide range of cotton, from broadcloth to muslin to local and Japanese cotton.  The price ranges from 60 Php/yard for the ordinary cotton to 220/yard for Japanese cotton.  They have twill, Cavali twill (220/yard), corduroy, eyelet cotton, crepe (120/yard), jacquard (120/yard), flannel (120/yard), chiffon (100/yard) and several types of denim at 150/yard.  Pique (130/yard), bubble tea satin (180/yard), super merino (750/yard), printed muslin (230/yard), cotton silk (100/yard) are also available.  They also have canvas that works well for grocery bags and the like (I bought some at 120 per yard) and interfacing ranging from 25 pesos/yard for the lightweight interfacing to 45 pesos/yard for the heavy interfacing.  They don’t have fusible interfacing, you can get that at Carolina’s as I mentioned in this post.  Contact numbers:  SM MOA Branch- 8040245, Glorietta 5 Branch- 8367410.  Or you can visit their website here.

Fabric in Cotton Depot, Glorietta 5

Fanbi (Greenbelt 1, 1st Floor) – Fanbi is quite expensive compared to all the other fabric stores I’ve visited.  They have a lot of plain and printed jersey knits (around 250-320 Php per yard), plain, striped and checkered cotton shirtings for office wear (300 Php/yard), suiting fabric, modal, spandex, cotton voile, silk, georgette, and cute printed Japanese cotton at 280/yard.  Not the best value in terms of price per yard.

Fabric in Fanbi, Greenbelt 1

Fabric Warehouse (3/F Glorietta 5, Greenhills, Libis, North EDSA, Megamall, SM Southmall) – Fabric warehouse has most types of fabric, they have plain and printed cotton, rayon knits, jersey (160 per yard), georgette, chiffon, embroidered cotton, etc.  Maybe you can tell that I have been amassing a huge stash that I don’t know what to do with…yet.  Hehe.  Their contact numbers are as follows:  Greenhills (02) 584-8247 or 721-6608, Makati (02) 846-5403 or 728-030, Libis (02) 655-4019, North EDSA (02) 927-4124, Megamall (02) 470-1971, and SM Southmall (02) 805-2481.

Carolina’s (3/F Glorietta 5, Megamall) – Carolina’s has taffeta, satin, organza, jersey knits, georgette, chiffon, silk for lining, sew-in and fusible interfacing, but oddly no cotton.  There are 2 Carolina’s shops in Glorietta 5, the one on the top floor carries their fabric and the one on the ground floor has all the notions.  In the Megamall store, fabric and notions are together.

Expressions (Glorietta 4 and Shangri-La Mall) – Similar assortment of fabric as the other stores, they have nice jersey knits and cottons.  They have some designer fabric in their Shangri-La Mall branch, I picked up some linen that would be perfect for shift dresses or cool summer tops.

Ilaya Street and Tutuban in Divisoria – If you’re up to the excitement and chaos that is Divisoria, there are definitely a lot of great finds just waiting to be discovered.  This is where we got the fabric for our wedding, and it was definitely much cheaper than you can get it in the malls.  Set aside at least half a day to look around.  I have a post on this here.

Designer Prints – We Love Sewing blogged about a shop called Designer Prints in Greenhills here, They’re located in the second floor of Shoppesville across Krispy Kreme, contact numbers are (02)724-81-65/723-69-09.  I recently went to check it out, and I left the store with some imported jersey, striped silk, and some knits for comfy summer tops that I want to make.  They are a bit pricier than Fabric Warehouse/Carolina’s but they do have fabric that designs I haven’t seen elsewhere and the staff is much more friendly than in other shops.

SM Megamall Fabric Shops – There are a lot of fabric shops in the basement of SM Megamall, Fine Fancy and Bloomingdales are right beside Fabric Warehouse:

Carolina’s, Metro Department Store, Alabang Town CenterI have a post on it here

Sewing materials and notions

If you want to buy a lot of sewing notions, I’d suggest you head over to Divisoria for better prices and variety, I have a post on it here.  But if you don’t have the time or the energy to brave the crowds there, Carolina’s Lace Shoppe in Glorietta 5 (02-5013781) and Megamall carries the following:

  • Sewing thread
    • Astra and Globe brands, from small spools to 3000 m cones
    • Embroidery thread/cross stitching thread (DMC)
    • Crochet yarn/thread
    • Elastic thread (white and black)
  • Zippers (lengths ranging from 8 to 20 inches), regular YKK and invisible zippers
  • Assorted buttons in almost every color
  • Lace
    • Ordinary lace in a variety of colors
    • Imported bridal lace for wedding gowns (I saw this in Carolina’s Megamall)
  • Ruffles in several types of material and different designs and widths
  • Ribbons, a decent selection
  • Sewing machine needles
    • High speed and ordinary in sizes from 11 to 18 only
  • Rickrack
  • Elastic
    • Black and white only ranging in width from 1/4 inch which sells for 2 pesos per yard to 3 inches which sells for 22 pesos per yard
  • Bias tape in very basic colors (black, red, pink, white)
  • Plain brown pattern paper and tracing wheels
  • Tailors chalk
  • Beads, wires and sequins and other materials for beading enthusiasts
  • Small pouches for crafts
  • Cloth flowers
  • Feather boas (!?!) and other embellishments (I saw some really pretty laser cut flowers that would look great on a polo shirt)

Assorted lace, trim, rickrack in Carolina’s Greenbelt 5

I have seen low-priced notions in Japanese home stores like Saizen but I’m not so sure about the quality of the supplies here.

Pattern-Making and Cutting Tools

You can find your basic pattern making and cutting tools in National Bookstore:

  • Rulers and self-healing cutting mats (I saw a 60 x 45 cm mat for 504 pesos) although they don’t carry very big sizes
  • Scissors of all kinds (make sure you get one for cloth only and one for your paper/patterns)
  • Rotary cutter (out of stock though every time I’ve checked)
  • Tracing wheel (not the very good kind though)
  • Colored pencils for marking your patterns
  • Tracing paper but the biggest size they have is only 20 by 30 inches.  8 sheets costs 147.75 pesos
  • They have a small sewing section with your basic hand sewing needles, pins, pin cushions, and thread

I was able to get most of my stuff in Fabricland (dressmaking shears, tailors chalk and pens), Michael’s (Olfa rotary cutter and ruler) and Walmart abroad when I was on vacation since I wasn’t sure what was available here at the time.

For more specialized materials I’ve seen Manila Fashion Supplies online for Dritz, Fairgate and C Thru brand supplies if you’re really serious about sewing.  I personally haven’t ordered anything from them yet but I will if I really get into sewing and there are tools I really need.  And of course there’s always Amazon and eBay if you don’t mind the shipping cost or if you have relatives abroad that are due for a trip back to the Philippines.  🙂

Sewing Machines

Aside from Glorietta 5, SM appliance stores, and the sewing machine area everyone knows about near the pier, you can also check out the sewing machines on multiply on this site although I’ve had no experience buying from them.

Sewing supplies I haven’t found in Manila yet

Here are the things I haven’t been able to find a source for yet, if anyone knows where I can get any of these please do let me know.  🙂

  • Fusible interfacing (Found!  Update as of April 2012 here)
  • Ballpoint or stretch sewing machine needles (for knit fabrics)
  • Different types of presser feet for sewing machines
  • Dressmaking chalk pens
  • Sewing patterns (Butterick, Simplicity, McCalls, Vogue, are all nowhere to be found!!!)
  • Sewing organizers (bobbin/thread organizers)

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  2. Hello I’m new to sewing as well but I think Carolina’s have ballpoint/stretch sewing needles. Let me know if you find fusible interfacing! I want to play with those as well hehe.. Oh and just curious do you take or plan to take classes?


    • Hi Bam! I’ve only asked in Carolina’s in Glorietta 5 and they only had highspeed/ordinary needles last time I asked. I’ll keep you updated on the fusible interfacing but so far I’ve really had no luck finding that! I’ve looked at classes around Manila and I’m considering the basic sewing course in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, but so far I’ve been okay just reading through books and online references. 🙂

      • My mom bought me some ballpoint needles from Carolina’s Libertad, they seem have “abubot” in that branch hehe 🙂 By the way I just bought some interfacing from Carolina’s Glorietta 5, it’s stiff and white and the lady said I just have to iron it on but I haven’t tried it yet, they call it Pellon. 🙂

      • Hi Bam! Thank you so much for sharing, will try to head over to Carolina’s in Libertad when I have the time, hopefully I can find it though. Hehehe. Let me know how the interfacing you got works! That’s great news, we don’t have to worry about finding fusible interfacing anymore! 🙂 Are you into sewing crafts/accessories or clothes too? 🙂

      • hi!

        try michelle’s and amigo’s in tutuban mall.they have all kinds of interfacing/notions/ sewings materials.
        michelle’s is my go to shop for ribbons,button, tapes, embellishments etc
        amigo’s have jersey interfacing (php 45/yd) to corset interfacing (maasin around Php70/yd). along with other sewing notions (needles,presser foot (teflon, zipper, hemming etc)
        pacific trading along tabora st. for snaps, belt buckles, etc

        for cotton, there’s a cotton depot in tutuban mall although the price difference is not that big (around php30-50)
        i also saw a store that sells pique fabric (like those lacoste sports shirts)
        for ribbings (sports collars) try vc trading in farmers market (per yd) and in divisoria (per kilo)
        knits etc, there’s taytay buy fabric by the kilo (around 5yds per kilo and each kilo costs php150)

        you should! i had classes there. for pattern making and sewing ( i actually graduated from there:))

      • Hi Ann! Thank you so much for sharing! Tutuban is now my next destination, I’ve been looking for jersey interfacing and pique fabric!

        Wow, how long were the classes you took for pattern making and sewing? Would you know if they have weekend classes? 🙂

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  4. hi ! can you recommend stores that have cheap FELT FABRICS because i want to start doing some kawaii plushies and i need that king of fabric …

  5. Just noticed Market Market Department store – 4th floor has flannel at 45P per yard. And I’ve purchased synthetic felt fabric from the sewing accessory store on the first floor (the one with bias tape, feathers, ribbons, etc.).

      • Hi! If you’d be in Taytay, Rizal area, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful imported fabrics that are way cheaper than those sold in Divisoria and in the malls. They call them overruns. They have Vera Bradley, Michael Miller and Amy Butler fabrics. Most are cottons but they also have a lot of flannels. They also have batiste fabrics. Just wanted to share. I’m in fabric heaven when I go there 🙂

    • Hi Charmaine, right now I only sew basic clothes for myself. 🙂 I’m self taught and I only started to sew this year so I don’t think I’m qualified to make clothes for other women just yet. Hehehe. Thanks for asking though. I’m not an expert on costs so this is just an estimate but I know that tailor made clothes here in Manila (as with everywhere else) run a very wide range depending on where you have them made. If you go to tailors in Kamuning area (Quezon city) and bring your own fabric, labor will probably cost you less than 1000 for a simple pair of shorts or a shirt. Although I’ve never had anything done there I’ve heard and seen from friends and colleagues that they’re well made and will of course fit you better than most ready to wear clothes. My friend wanted to have a long dress made and they were charging her around 1,500 to 2,000 for labor. Again it will vary per tailor/seamstress. If you go for high end designers, sky’s the limit, with short dresses (including fabric) usually starting at 8 to 12 thousand pesos per piece last time I checked. 🙂

  6. hi i just read some of the comments about fusible interfacing cloth… most fabric stores have that…in glorietta, market market, and ylaya divisoria. they call that fabric phelon.

  7. If you are still looking for presser feet, I called brother (you are using brother sewing machine, right?). Kimura Chavez Enterprise, Inc. in front of St. Luke’s QC sells presser feet. I haven’t gone there though. I just called them. Contact numbers: 7230241 – 46. The lady who answered doesn’t know what low-shank, snap-on presser foot mean so it’s advisable that you bring a presser foot of your own so they’ll know what type of attachment you need.

    Just in case, Singer sewing machine store’s number if 3542701, located in Jose Abad Santos, Tayuman.

    Also, I found a distributor of Schmetz needles – AP Oriental (
    The people there are fairly accommodating when I went there (and called them and emailed them) about the twin needles. Schmetz needles have a straight forward system so for ball point needles, you just have to ask for system 130-705 (that’s for domestic needles) H-SUK (that’s the code for ballpoint) or H-S (for stretch) 70/80/90/100 (size). For double needle, the package will be something like 130-705 H-ZWI NE 2,0/80. That’s 130-705 H-ZWI NE 2,0/80 – Universal , 2 mm apart, size 80 – ZWI is code for twin. Twin needles are available in 2mm to 8mm apart with sizes 70 to 110.
    To better understand it, check this out
    They accept orders for twin needles because they don’t usually carry it in their store. I guess, there are very few of us who want/need/know about these kinds of needle. The last order they got was back in 2009 and twin needles then cost 90 per pack of 10pcs. The girl mentioned though that it would take months before they’ll order again because they just received their most recent orders. I still placed my order though. I already asked my sister to buy one for me in the States but 1 twin needle costs 6$!!I’m hoping that when AP’s order came, I would have a stock. hehe!

    • Hello. I called Kimura Chavez Enterprise and inquired about the price of their available presser feet. They’re not very accommodating so i ended up knowing only the price of the narrow hem foot, and it costs Php 330. ang mahal pala nya! And the staff didn’t even tell me if that was for high-speed or for domestic sewing machine. I did not bother to ask further kasi parang wala sya sa mood makipagusap. anyway, have you guys tried buying from them? If yes, please let me know the price of their available feet. Thanks so much.

  8. hi just want to ask if do you have any idea how much is the price for hem presser footer i will just need it to make a curly hem for the clothes that i am making. thanks.

    • Hi Eihcra! For a curly hem I think you can use either a narrow hem presser foot or a rolled hem foot. I bought a narrow hem presser foot from Amazon for around 16 USD or less than 800 Php but it would cost more with shipping of course. You can check out the presser feet on Amazon. Here’s a link to the rolled hem foot. Just don’t forget to make sure the presser foot you purchase is compatible with whatever machine you’re using.

      Borderline Muse also gave some information on locally available presser feet for both Brother and Singer, you can go to my post here and scroll down to the comments section. 🙂 Hope this helps!

    • Hi! Try searching at I bought my presser feet at one seller at a very low price. I actually didn’t care if the accessories are genuine but they all fit and work on my Brother sewing machine. I so love the overcast foot. Also, presser feet at Amazon are very expensive.

  9. hi! do you know where to get stretch and ballpoint needles already? I called carolina’s libertad, they said they don’t have those 😦 and also ap oriental, they don’t seem to know what stretch needle is.


  10. hi there! found this entry through google. thank you for compiling all your sources. it’s really a big help! anyway would you know where to find batting here in Manila? thanks! 🙂

  11. hi, would you know where i can get snaps and snap fastener pliers here in manila? i’ve been looking for those.. thank you. 😉

  12. Hi. Do you think they sell here satin silk / rat tail cord/thread? They one they use in making bracelet? If not, do you have any idea where in Manila I could get one? Thank yooou. 🙂

  13. This is my first time to encounter your blog and I am soo thankful, I did! perhaps you can help me in my search for a store where I can purchase silk threads for sewing as well as horn buttons. Thank you.

  14. Hi there,
    Looking for a variety of presser foot? Check out Pier 15 area, where they sell 2nd hand sewing machines. That road towards the rotonda after Fort Santiago at Intramuros. Ask those Guys. They got a lot of extra presser foot. Hope this will help a lot.

  15. Hi! I was wondering if you can help me out. I’m trying to find iridescent silk like the thai silk that changes colors. Do you know where I can find some in Manila? Thank you!

  16. My friend went to Kamuning and labor cost was just P300 for a pair of cotton twill shorts.

    In SM Megamall, I also like Yards and Meters for fabric. They carry the imported selection like Louis Vuitton or Prada inspired prints and fabrics. 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for all this useful info! ^_^ Would you happen to know where to get good 100% silk, the stuff for making scarves that are fine enough to pass through a ring? 🙂 The silk fabrics I’ve seen so far are all the cheap mixed fabrics na pang lining lang hehe. – Feanne

  18. helpful blog you have, thank you so much! i was looking for info on where to find felt fabric and found someone commented here about a place at market market mall. btw, i need the felt fabric to create a pair of
    boots for my child’s cosplay activity in school!

  19. Hello. I am glad to find this post. I need to make a water-proof and insulating cover for my dog’s cage. I need the outer to be water-proof and the inner part, insulating (for cold season). Please recommend a type/s of fabric and where to get them reasonably-priced. Thank you very much. More Power!!!

    • Hi Leigh! You can try canvas although its not 100% waterproof. Tarpaulin material would probably work, lined with flannel or corduroy from Cotton Depot or Divisoria to make it warm. 🙂 Let me know what you end up using!

      • Hello…I bought a tafetta (fabric used in umbrellas) for the water-proof outer side, and flannel for the inner side for heat insulation. I am satisfied with its result. My puppy seemed cozy inside the cage even in very cold days and nights. The cage is indoor, so the water-proof aspect hasn’t been tested, yet. 🙂

    • Hello you can buy stretch fabrics in almost any fabric store in Manila except Carolinas and Cotton Depot which mostly have dress fabric. Divisoria of course has lots of fabric. Fabric Warehouse and Expressions in the malls have a lot of stretch fabrics like jersey, modal and other knits for you to choose from too. 🙂

      • If by stretch fabrics, you mean jersey/knits (the fabric T-shirts are made out of), most stores only carry polyester or other man-made blends. The best place for cotton and cotton mix jersey is Rizal Avenue in Taytay, where they sell roll ends from factories.

  20. This is really helpful for me, but do any of these stores sell fleece? I’ve checked some of them, and they tell me they dont have any 😦

  21. Thank u po sa post,may idea na ako kung saan makakabili ng mga tela,at machine,magaaral palang po kasi akong manahi,evry sunday lang ung pasok for 3mons,sana matuto ako. Excited nako manahi ng mga damit para sa kids ko;)

  22. Hi! Thanks for the great posting 🙂 I’m visiting Manila next week, and I’m curious where I can find plain blank canvas tote bags (and if possible, plain t-shirts as well) at super cheap price and reasonable quality! I will be staying around central Manila. I’m interested in self-printing them at home 😉

  23. Thanks for this extensive post! Would any of the stores have fabric for beachwear? Materials in making swim shorts and the like. thanks!

  24. hi there po..
    Im actually looking for an online shop selling fabrics that can be patch sa denim shorts.
    Coz im actually selling customized shorts but where im based limited lang yung fabrics..wala po yung mga aztec na design na nice, or mga marvel, or other designs that would go perfectly sa patch shorts.

    i would like to ask sana if you happen to know some online shops selling printed fabrics based in manila..hehehe

    Thanks po

  25. Hi Part time Homemaker! Thank you for this blog, its really useful. 🙂 IM just about to start sewing my own nursing cover. I hope I make good. Thanks again! 🙂

  26. Hi there! I’m planning to make DIY button magnets for my wedding favors so I’m looking for great stores where I can buy assorted wooden buttons. Hope you can suggest a great place with lots of selections! 🙂

  27. I love your blog !
    Can you help me, please?
    My Mom had asked me for a sewing machine. Her old sewing machine died.
    What brands would you suggest, in the 8,000-18,000 peso range? I prefer a versatile machine with a sturdy build it would be nice to have a well-built sewing machine that could last for years. I’m familiar with Singer and Brother brands. Do you know anything about Brothers’ newest model GS-2700 ( ). Also I prefer to buy from family-run businesses, whenever possible are there any sewing stores that sell good sewing machines that are privately owned? Any ideas about the best shops to find service and repairs on the sewing machine I finally choose? If you were going to buy a USED machine…… would you go about finding a good one? Thank you SOOOOO much!

  28. Another benefit of online shopping in India is that it allows you the chance to shop in the privacy of your own home. You no longer have to travel to shopping complex, fight with traffic jams, deal with pushy salespersons and noisy crowds at the shopping complex and other headaches that come along with offline shopping. Online shopping in India allows you to buy women accessories at your convenience from anywhere and at anytime of the day or night. This is one of the major reasons why so many people are choosing online shopping in India nowadays. foakleys

  29. HI! where in Manila can i find the lowest price wholesaler of GOOD QUALITY fabrics for CHEF JACKETS/UNIFORMS? and do you have any idea of any t-shirt supplier?

    • Fabric Warehouse carries different types of tulle. I’ve seen softer ones as well as very stiff ones. I’ve also seen it all over Divisoria, as well as on the street in Ilaya.

    • I haven’t actually noticed any but I would try Carolina’s or Tabora Street in Divisoria. The whole street is full of sewing supply stores with literally thousands of different types of ribbon etc.

  30. I mean what is the price of TULLE FABRIC PER YARD, I hope it is not TOO EXPENSIVE like 100-500.
    Thanks and sorry if I keep asking and asking like a never ending questions. Thanks again! 🙂

    • I’ve never bought tulle myself, but I’ve seen it in Divisoria for around P40 a yard if I remember correctly. Fabric Warehouse is one of the cheaper stores, so I would imagine their tulle would be below P100/yd. It would have to be really cheap as they use so much of it for all the party/wedding dresses here!

  31. I am planning to visit Manila to purchase wholesale curtain fabrics and uphosltery fabrics as well. Let me know if anyone knows the right place to contact

  32. Hi Part Time Homemaker!……. Very nice blog…… I’ve been wanting to have my own rotary cutter…. Thanks for mentioning National Bookstore…….Have you decided to take up Basic/Preparatory Dressmaking?…… I finished mine at Slim’s Fashion and Arts School…….. I’m still a beginner and can’t wait to continue with the Secondary…. Hope you’ll get that school training in dressmaking…..

  33. Hi, do you know where to buy iron on mending tape, the washable kind? Tore a pair of board shorts that I love and am sorely heartbroken. Thanks so much! 😀

  34. Hi Karen, just came across your site since I was looking for fabric to work with. I’m looking for printed silk fabrics, and by chance do you know of an online store? I’m from Davao and I was hoping to find online sellers 🙂

  35. Hi!

    I am a new sewer who want to make swimwear and are looking for a really good fabric containing 80% polyester and 20 elastane. Does anyone know where I can find this to a good price? I also would like to find bath adapted lace.

    I would be very grateful for all advices!


  36. Its as if you examine my thoughts! You appear to fully grasp a great deal about this, such as you authored a guide inside as well. I believe that you simply are able to do with many Pct to push the content dwelling slightly, even so rather than this, it is great blog site. A terrific read. Let me certainly rear.

  37. hi how about felt fabric or felt cloth where I can buy it and also the smooth foam white thing usually puts inside the pillow I dont know what it calls, where i can buy that as well. Im in cubao area any near suggestion malls..

    • Hi there – I was wondering if you ladies have any idea where i can buy a tailors clapper? Ive been searching online but couldnt find any. Im thinking Divi may have it but i was hoping someone has seen it there before i go 🙂 thanks!

  38. Hi Good afternoon its so nice to read your blog.. I just want to share, If somebody is looking for a very affordable threads, Pelon (interlining), sewing machine parts, SEWING MACHINES also you may contact me at 432-3998 or 0919-2777714 we are a registered dealer of those items, I can also give you my best price. We are also supplying big garments factory here in the Philippines, some of them is exporting their product. Thank you and more power!

  39. Hi 🙂 i would like to solicit some information/contacts (if you knew some.. please) about denim suppliers in Manila and if there is any manufacturers that can tailor-made a denim button/rivets as well as a good quality fabric label manufacturers? THANK YOU so much! 🙂 /dexter from gensan/

  40. Hi, do you know where I can buy grip elastics (i’m not sure what to call it, elastic grippers, or silicon elastics)? These are the elastics used to improve the grip of clothes on the waist or legs. It will be very helpful.

  41. hi.. i was looking for fleece fabric for my guinea pigs hutch bedding.. have you found some in divisoria? thank you guys and God bless to all! tristan

  42. @Part Time Homemaker, do you know where can I buy patterns of dresses and blouses here in the Philippines? I was searching in the in the internet and I can’t find anything.

  43. Hi fellow sewers! I just bought Fiskars Rotary Cutting sets (mats, Rotary cutter & rulers) for myself and got 5 extra sets for other sewing lovers like me who wants to buy a set too. I couldn’t find it here in the Philippines & the only 1 guy selling is priced way too high. I’m selling the set for on P600 more than the stores would in the states. Let me know if you are interested 🙂 i only brought 5 extra sets aside from my own. Please text me 0916-5313245

  44. Hi Good day to you im a begginer in sewing using my manual machine that has only straight stitch and yet still dont have an eletric machine, im planning to buy a new one but i dont know what kind of sewing machine i have to buy. i just want an multi-functional . can you please give me an idea what kind of machine i should buy and some tips too 🙂 idea and tips from you much appreciated thank you 😉

  45. Hi! Can you suggest where is the best place to buy sparkly embellishments (gemstone type), sequins cords, and appliqués and feathers for creating a glamorous vintage 1920s costume? 🙂

  46. ok, y’all. thanks for the info, but I am looking for boning. you know, the kind used to make hoop skirts. that’s right, hoop skirts. I helped my sister make a Civil War era ballgown and I promised her that I would make one for me as well and take her to a reenactment ball in the states when she turns 18…this March. I have been sewing since I was eight, so I’m totally up to the task, just can’t find the flat, metal boning for the ginormous Scarlet O’Hara style hoop skirt. Also, has anyone been to the fabric market out past Antipolo? It’s great, lots of things to find there, just gotta wade through piles and piles. decent array of notions too.

  47. Do they have fashion form rulers at National? Last time I went to National, they don’t even have an L square but I think it’s because it’s out of stock… I wonder too if they have rulers at SM… Please let me know if you’ve additional discoveries of where to buy. Thanks!

  48. Good day to everyone..ima starter in garment business please help find where to get customize snap button…please help

  49. Hello

    We are trying to source cotton fabrics from Manilla. Our requirements are 100%^ cotton with 68*68, 41-44″ wide and around 110-140gsm.

    We would buy 10-50 metres of the one design and we also like design range.


  50. hi im a student that is doing a reseach… if a company order to you like a elastic fabric. how much can you a least offer them per square inches?

  51. hi, does anyone here know a fabric store in philippines where i can buy online and ship to my place? i want to start a small sewing business for my mother but she live in the province so i need a store that can shipped the items to her so she dont have to travel every time she need supplies.

  52. Hi,thanks for this blog.
    I hope you guys could help me im looking for cotton white fabric 180gsm.or 150gsm.
    Where can i buy it and does anyone know how much would it cost?

    Thank you

  53. Hi, thanks for posting this blog… Am looking for Aztec print fabrics which are used for T-shirts. which shop can I buy it from? Thanks

  54. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing problems with your
    blog. It appears as if some of the text on your posts are running off the screen.

    Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening
    to them as well? This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously.

  55. this blog is very informative… since you are very interested in this forte, can you help me find a shop that repairs spandex or lycra leggings? i bought one at nike with its edges glued. but when i washed the leggings it loosens up and i was unable to use it. so i decided to look for a shop that has a machine that is able to overlock the edges but i cannot find one. i hope you can help me.. many thanks

  56. hi, do they have online shop? ang hirap kasi mag biyahe lalo na kung di familiar sa lugar eh.. saan po kayang murang na my online shop po may alam ka po?

  57. Hi Ma’am! Do you know where I could purchase fold over elastics (used for lingerie edges)? I looked at Carolina’s and some other fabric shops but they don’t have it (I also asked them). If they are available in Divisoria, do you know where in particular (sorry I’m not familiar with Divi). Thank you in advance!

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  61. i just bought my first sewing machine. thank you for all those info u’ve shared. Where can i buy sewing patterns? im a beginner so i dont know how to make my own pattern. thanks!!

  62. This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.

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  63. @Part Time Homemaker, do you know where can I buy patterns of dresses and blouses here in the Philippines? I was searching in the in the internet and I can’t find anything.

  64. @Part Time Homemaker, do you know where can I buy patterns of dresses and blouses here in the Philippines? I was searching in the in the internet and I can’t find anything. Please reply thank you

  65. Hello, ask ko Po sNa where can I buy, tools for making quilt. Especially, rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler? Thanks!

  66. Hi, good morning. I’ve been wanting to put buttonhole elastic on my son’s shorts to properly adjust it to his waist since the pair of shorts that I bought only has a string (not even properly sewn to make a drawstring) to adjust. Would you know where I can buy buttonhole elastic? I tried asking in Carolina’s Market Market as well as Metro Dept Store in Market Market already. Thanks!

  67. Hi, good morning. Ask ko lang po if merong paisley designs na pang button-down polo ang fabric (preferably cotton) sa mga stores above and how much ang cost per yard. Kung wala po, saan po kaya makakabili. I’m planning to sell and do business with these kind of design and fabrics.

  68. Hi! is there anyone here can tell me where do i buy a hand press button for a snap. thanks and really appreciate… 🙂

  69. i need walking foot can’t find any, amigos and michelle in tutuban already close, does anyone know where i can buy? thanks in advance, and i really like this blog 👍

  70. Hello, i want to know if you have any dressmaker in makati, im fashionbdesigner frim argentina and i would like to start as abdesigner here.thank you

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