Parker House Rolls

You know how people always say to avoid bread baskets since you eat a gazillion calories even before your meal starts?  Yeah, well, i can’t do that.  Hehehe.  I love freshly baked bread with a passion!

Recently, while visiting one of my favorite blogs, Market Manila, I came across this recipe for Colicchio & Sons’ Parker House Rolls.  They looked so good, and the ingredients were so basic, that I decided to make them along with some baked pasta for our dinner tonight.  Oh but I substituted honey for the barley malt syrup, I didn’t have that, but I always have several types of honey in the house.  🙂

Here is the dough before the first rising…

And right after the final proofing before shaping.

I made 12 rolls instead of 14 and arranged them (okay, haphazardly arranged them) in my Lodge pan:

And here they are brushed with some unsalted butter, waiting to get into the oven.  I didn’t have any clarified butter on hand or the time to make any, so I used regular unsalted.  🙂

I followed Market Man’s suggestion to put the rolls in the upper third of the oven and I increased the temperature to around 375 degrees for the last 10 minutes.  I was going for 400 but my oven was a little slow.  🙂  Anyway, after exactly 21 minutes, we had freshly baked rolls to go with our dinner tonight!  They were yummy with salted butter, piping hot!  Mmmmmmmmm.

I rushed the final proofing a bit since we were hungry and only let the dough rise for an hour and 30 minutes.  I think they would be much fluffier/softer if I went for the whole 2 hours.  Next time I will follow the recipe to the letter, but they were pretty good nonetheless.  🙂


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