Sewing Machine Cover

We’re currently living in an apartment in the heart of the city.  We like it because for now it’s just the two of us and it’s very close to where I work, but it gets really busy around this area especially during weekdays, which also means lots of dust.  So today I decided to make something functional!  My sewing machine doesn’t get as much use yet as I would like, and if I leave it out and don’t clean it for even just two or three days it starts collecting a little dust.  I threw out the plastic it came in (the total opposite of my husband, I’m the type of person who rips off all plastic off everything new…that goes for plastic on new cars, watches, whatever!  hehehe) the moment I took it out of the box, so I decided to make my own sewing machine cover.

The idea and method comes from this book, One Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.  I picked this up at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street for 999 Php.

This should fit your sewing machine if its a standard size of around 13″ high, 16″ wide and 6″ deep.  You can easily adjust the measurements if your machine is much bigger or smaller.  🙂

The book calls for 1 yard of 45″ fabric in either light of medium weight cotton, but I wanted to use canvas which is easier to clean and more dust resistant.  The fabric is from Cotton Depot in Glorietta 5.  I started out by cutting out 4 pieces of fabric in the following sizes:

  • 2 pieces for the cover itself (15″tall by 23″wide)
  • 2 pieces for the pocket (10″ tall by 15″ wide)

Take the pocket pieces first and face the right sides together.  Pin the pocket pieces together and stitch on all sides using a half-inch seam allowance.  I used a marker since I find it really helps me keep my stitching straight.  Leave a 4 inch opening along the bottom because you need to turn it inside out.

Clip the corners on the wrong side then turn the fabric right side out and press.  Edgestitch the top pocket edge.  I stitched over the open edge so after this I had no more raw seams.

Center the pocket you just made on the right side of one of the cover pieces, align the bottom edge of your pocket 1 and 1/2 inch from the bottom edge.  Edgestitch the pocket to the cover along the sides and bottom.

Pin the cover pieces together with the right sides facing and stitch down the top sides and top edges, leaving the bottom open.  Press the seams open and measure a 2 and 1/2 inch square in both top corners of the cover like so:

Cut the squares out:

Then pull your fabric layers apart at the cutout, pinch the sides and top parts together and stitch.  Each side should look like this:

Then turn your cover inside out (nearly done now!) and make a narrow 1/4 inch hem along the bottom edge.  I pressed this down first which made it a lot easier to sew.  Topstitch your hem in place all around.  And there you have it, a pretty sewing machine cover!  This took me around an hour to make including cutting out the fabric and pressing.

I would highly recommend this for a first sewing project, it was much simpler than the belly band or crayon roll.  🙂


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