Cucumber mint raita

I made my butter chicken a little spicier than I can handle (although it got rave reviews from my husband who loves all things spicy), so I decided to make a really quick, simple cucumber mint raita to cool things down a bit.  Raita is the Indian equivalent of the Greek tzatziki, which I also love!  There are recipes all over the internet for raita like this one from BBC food. this one from the food network, and this one from an Indian food website.  I usually look at recipes and just adapt them based on what I have on hand and the taste that I like, this method has always worked out for me so far.  🙂

I used around half a cup of  low fat Greek yogurt from Rizal dairy farms (I usually have a tub of Lemnos greek yogurt in the fridge but S&R has been out of this last few times we were there), a teaspoon of finely chopped mint leaves, and a quarter of a large cucumber.

I grated the cucumber with my coarse Microplane grater.  I love Microplane graters and zesters!!!

I stirred this into my yogurt, added a couple of squeezes of fresh lemon and some ground cumin to taste, and I had a really fresh, bright raita in less than 10 minutes.  🙂


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  2. I simply adore this raita and its done in my house very often. At times the raita with rice alone is enough for me, other times served as an extra to go with the rest prepared for the day.

  3. Nice thick looking yoghurt. Should go great over biryani! They now have a local brand called Macalauan Farm in the groceries that make live yoghurt but if its still too thin I usually strain for a few minutes to get a thicker consistency. Will prob try out the Rizal Dairy Farm Greek version soon

    • This would be fabulous on biryani!!! You probably already know this but during weekdays you can get the Rizal Dairy Farm Greek yoghurt in Market Market’s produce section. But most of the times I’ve gone there, they don’t always have their full range of products. Salcedo market has been more reliable so far. 🙂

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