Sewing pattern haul!

Now that I’ve completed some simple projects, I feel just confident enough to attempt making some simple clothes for myself.  Besides, I have my trusty seam ripper so it’s okay to make a few (or a lot of) mistakes!

What to make?  Well, my mom recently got back from a trip to the US, and I asked her to pick up some simple patterns for me.  I told her I wanted some patterns for simple dresses that I could make for myself and maybe adapt to make them wearable during my pregnancy.  She bought me some patterns all right, but as you can see in the picture below, someone is very excited about her first grandchild!

One thing I quickly found out when we shared the news that we were expecting our first baby is that my mom would now love her first grandchild to the moon and back.  Good thing I got some patterns for women’s clothes during our last trip, although I really do love the patterns she got for the baby, complete with the notions and trimmings.  They’re really adorable.  🙂  I’m sorting through my steadily growing fabric stash, hopefully I can share with you my first attempt at making something either for me or the baby soon!


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