Grass Fed Beef – Korean Beef Stew (Kalbi jim)

I love trying out new things I see in the weekend markets around Makati, and a couple of Sundays ago I saw the stall of Down to Earth grass fed beef which is supposed to be healthier, more humane and better for you in the Legaspi market.  Sounds great, but at the end of the day I want to make sure that whatever meat I buy still tastes pretty darn good!  They have a pretty good basic assortment of cuts, and I picked up some beef stew cubes and some brisket.

This morning, I decided to make some Korean beef stew so I defrosted a 500 g pack of the beef stew cubes early in the morning.  Usually, Korean beef stew calls for short ribs but the husband doesn’t really like short ribs that much (I know, who doesn’t like short ribs???) so I adjust accordingly.  I like that the packages don’t contain huge portions since I usually have to repack our protein into smaller freezer bags to make sure that portions are good for two.

I’ve used this recipe for kalbi jim here and here, adapted very loosely, and they’ve turned out really well, but since I was having a very busy day I used my secret weapon, a third of a bottle of Korean barbeque sauce that my mom supplies me with from the US (she travels pretty often).  It says Hawaiian barbeque sauce but it’s awesome for kalbi, my mom brushes it on ribs with some sesame oil.  I put some of this in my slow cooker along with some extra garlic and some water to cover the beef and let it simmer for 8 hours on low.

So after a long day at work, I came home to a delicious smelling apartment and a pot bubbling with this:

It was salty, sweet and just a tad spicy…exactly how we like our kalbi jim.  The grass fed beef tasted great, not too fatty and fall apart tender because of the 8 hours on low heat.  We will definitely be purchasing more of the beef!

I served this with some homemade Korean banchan:  mung bean sprouts (sukjunamul) and blanched spinach (sigeumchi namul).  And of course, a lot of white rice.  So there you have it, a really simple, delicious way to transform your favorite kalbi or Korean barbeque sauce into Korean beef stew.  🙂


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