Make your own maternity top! Kwik Sew 3487

I recently purchased a couple of maternity patterns online since I wanted to try my hand at making my own maternity tops.  Since it’s our first baby, my tummy has only recently gotten to the point that I really can’t wear my regular clothes anymore.  I bought some maternity clothes here in Manila at HAB (Havin a Baby) and Eden (at Aura Athletica in Rockwell) and they were okay, but I find the quality and variety available here quite lacking.  I recently made a maternity tunic from Burda 7356 which I haven’t posted about yet, but I much prefer this top I made following pattern 3487 from Kwik Sew.  I bought the pattern online at

I made it in a dark orange cotton jersey that I picked up in Fanbi, Greenbelt 1 and I have to say that I really like the results!  It’s very comfortable, with fusible interfacing to give structure to the neckline and side seams, and I only used a little over 1 yard of fabric to make it, so it was a great deal as well…unless you count the hours I spent making it plus my labor cost per hour hehehe.

Things I learned making this top:

  • How to  use fusible interfacing.  I bought fusible interfacing online, and it took less than 5 minutes for me to attach it to the neckline.  Just make sure your interfacing’s sticky part (the rough part) faces the wrong side of the fabric, then press down with a hot iron for 15 seconds on each section of your fabric until everything is fused together.  I used a makeshift pressing cloth (a scrap piece of cotton fabric) to make sure my jersey wouldn’t burn or have shiny marks from the hot iron.
  • I had to learn how to understitch to prevent the lining or facing from rolling over to the right side (nobody likes puffy seams and seeing the wrong side of the cloth or your lining sticking out!).  You could probably get away making the top without understitching since it’s not visible from the right side of your fabric but since I’m a beginner, I figure I better learn how to do things the right way first before making any shortcuts.  🙂  Plus, since I’m taking the time, I might as well construct well-made clothes that will really last!  There are several tutorials on how to understitch online, I used the one by Tasia of Sewaholic with the link here.  It didn’t take much time at all!

The verdict:

  • I really liked this pattern and I’m already planning to make it again in a different color, maybe either with the short or long sleeves next time.  But since I have narrow shoulders, I will reduce the length at the shoulders by around half an inch to an inch to make the fit at the armhole a bit more flattering.


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  1. I love this top! Pls I need a step by step instruction on how to make one.looking forward to your response.thanks.

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