Brother CE8080 Compatible Presser Feet and Accessories

I’ve been having a hard time finding out which accessories are compatible with my sewing machine since it’s not one of the most readily available or the most popular model in the market.  Good thing I found this link here which shows which presser feet you can use with the CE8080.  I’ve posted the list here in case any of you are looking for this information.

For newbies at sewing, I don’t really think you need many of these since the all-purpose foot that comes with your machine works just fine for most stitches.  But if you had to get one, the zipper foot is the most often mentioned essential.

I’m planning to order a narrow hem foot soon since I’m in the middle of a new project and doing a narrow hem by hand on jersey knits is not much fun.  🙂

Other compatible accessories for the CE8080:

  • Bobbins – SA156 (super easy to find, they’re everywhere)
  • Sewing machine needles – I’ve used standard Schmetz/Organ needles and have had no problems with compatibility thus far

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