Another sew your own maternity top in progress, Butterick 5196

I’m nearly done with my next maternity top using Butterick 5196.  I decided to do version A using some pretty green jersey and I can’t wait to share the finished product with all of you, I just have to hem all the edges which I want to do with my new serger/overlock machine.  It shouldn’t take much time once I get cracking on it, but I’m still practicing how to make a good blind hem on some jersey scraps.

Overall, I found the pattern pretty straightforward and easy to follow.  Since I’m not that tall (okay, I’m short hehehe) I would shorten the top pieces of the front pattern next time to bring the neckline up a bit.   Other adjustments I had to make were in the twist portion at the middle since there is a gap that will show some skin because the pattern gives you pretty generous allowances for this part.  I can’t fault Butterick though since you have to pull panels of fabric through the gap.  Here’s what the back of the twist portion looked like before I sewed it down a little more.

Skills I learned making this top:

  • Narrow hem
    • I had no idea how to make a narrow hem, the instructions on the pattern were just so vague to me. Good thing I found a tutorial here on InfoBarrel that didn’t involve a narrow hem presser foot which I don’t have just yet.
  • Blind hem
    • I’m still working on this now, will update the post once I have the step-by-step for the blind hem using a serger!

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