Back from a blogging hiatus! And some Singapore fabric shopping!

Hi everyone!  I’ve been gone for way too long…got caught up in the joys (and little troubles) of first-time mommyhood as well as beginning to renovate our new (old) home.  Hope all of you are doing well!

I returned to work last July after 78 days with our little girl.  I thought I would be able to get a lot of sewing projects done during my maternity leave…But since I didn’t have help for the duration of my leave I wasn’t really able to get much done.  I don’t recommend not getting some sort of help when you’re taking care of a newborn…I barely slept for the first 2 weeks!  🙂

Girls will be girls though and I was still able to squeeze in a little shopping during my leave.   The week before I went back to work my husband and I took a trip to Singapore for a little quality time together.  Luckily, in between all the sightseeing and culinary adventures, I was able to hit up some sewing and crafts stores.  🙂  I didn’t have much time so I was only able to visit 3 areas, Spotlight in Plaza Singapura, People’s Park Centre in Chinatown, and Mustafa Centre in Little India.  I was able to go to all these places because the hubby wanted to check out electronics too.  I wanted to go to Arab Street so badly but we didn’t have time to go there  just for fabric.

Spotlight had a lot of fabric, you name it and they’ve probably got it.  This is located at the top floor of Plaza Singapura Mall.  They had all types of cotton (including voile which is hard to find in Manila), denim, mesh, formal wear fabric, the list goes  on.  They also had a lot of notions and an area where you can have clothes tailored!  I had a lot of fun looking around Spotlight, but I just purchased a few Schmetz ballpoint needles since my fabric stash is going out of control.

Spotlight, Plaza Singapura

Fabric in Spotlight, Plaza Singapura

Fabric for formal wear/party wear at Spotlight, Plaza Singapura

I actually bought more fabric in Mustafa but I wasn’t able to take pictures because I didn’t bring my iPhone with me.  Mustafa is the famous 24 hour shopping mall in Singapore where we went to check out electronics (again!).  I was able to get some gorgeous off-white silk, cute material for shorts, and some pretty cotton.  I’ll try to take pictures as soon as I can.  🙂


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  1. Hi, I was searching for information about sewing classes when I discovered your blog. I dont have any experience with sewing but I really want to learn and I think Im a fast learner anyway. My question is whether it’s enough that I browse through youtube for lessons or should i enroll in a sewing class in my area? Its really just a question of money because I think 15K+++ is a bit expensive for a 24 session basic pattern making and basic sewing in the only sewing class/school iv found in davao city.

    • Hi Brenndon! I’m self taught but if I had time I would definitely enroll in a sewing class so that I could learn the right way to do things. Pattern making is much harder to learn on your own than basic sewing. Let me know if you decide to take classes and how it goes! What school in Davao is that?

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