Banana cake a la David Lebovitz

My husband is a doctor who holds clinic both in the city and in the province.  If you are a doctor in the province, one thing you can be very sure of is that you will never go hungry.  You will likely never be rich, but you will most assuredly not go hungry!  And that’s a very acceptable trade off to The Part Time Homemaker.  🙂  Our home therefore never runs out of food (fruits, pastries, chocolates) from thoughtful patients.

Almost every week, my husband comes home carrying a huge bunch of bananas, which we either eat plain, mix into Greek yogurt from the Salcedo market, or cut up to eat with cereal.  There are times though that we can’t eat as many as he brings home, and they end up dark brown or black in the kitchen.  Yesterday was one of those times, and nothing screams “banana cake!” louder than black lakatan bananas.  It was almost serendipitous then that I saw this recent post by Marketman on David Lebovitz’s banana cake.  I also happened to have the book this recipe comes from, Ready for Dessert, on my Kindle.  How cool is that?  And so a little over an hour later, the husband and I were sitting down to this:

Banana cake ala David Lebovitz

Banana cake ala David Lebovitz

I’m not a fan of frosting (okay, and I was feeling lazy) so I took my cue from Marketman and just made the plain banana cake.  Some substitutions:  I used instant coffee powder (no espresso powder on hand at home) and I made the cake with walnuts.  It was moist, soft, and absolutely delicious with a hot cup of tea (or coffee).

I tucked it underneath some parchment paper and left it at room temperature overnight.  It was even more delicious in the morning for breakfast!  Guess we know the fate of the bananas that my husband brings home next time.  Only this time I just might wait for them to be overripe on purpose.  🙂


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