Where to buy? Things I’m happy I found in Manila

Where can I buy this or that???

Most people into cooking/crafting and a lot of mommies too here in the Philippines probably share my dilemma that a lot of important things are quite hard to find, or if so, only found in specialty shops.  Here’s a quick list of things that I’ve been searching for that I’m quite happy to have found in places around town.  🙂  Feel free to comment and/or add!


Za’atar and sumac – Assad Mini Mart (Makati and UN Avenue); you can find Za’atar in Spices and Flavours in Salcedo Market but at more than double the price in Assad as of July 2013

Natural peanut butter (without hydrogenated oils) – Landmark Supermarket, Makati

Aluminum-free baking powder – Healthy Options (any branch should have it)

Whole wheat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, self-rising flour – Healthy Options, Market Market Supermarket, Bake Masters

Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce – Metro Market Market Supermarket

Tahini – Healthy Options, Santi’s, Kashmir stall in the Saturday Market in Salcedo Park

Fresh paneer – Assad Mini Mart

Rennet – apparently you can order from UP Los Banos – still trying to figure out how to get my hands on some without going all the way there!

Blocks of unsweetened, dark, semi-sweet, white chocolate, Dutched cocoa and Valhrona chocolate too – Chefs’ Nook, Bake Masters in Sucat

Black chicken/native chicken – Salcedo Market every Saturday, Sunday market in Greenhills

Water chestnuts – Metro Supermarket, Alabang Town Center (then would probably have it in Market Market too!)

Whole wheat pastry flour – Healthy Options

Liquid smoke (Hickory) – Metro Supermarket, Rustan’s Supermarket

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt – S&R

Tapioca flour – Spices and Flavours (they closed their branch in Market! Market! so now you have to find them in the Salcedo Market) and SM Makati

Potato starch – Bake Masters Sucat

Buttermilk – Rizal Dairy Farms in Salcedo Market or at their stall in Market! Market!

Biscoff cookie butter – Metro Market! Market!

Fresh buffalo mozarella – Santi’s and S&R sometimes


Carbon steel wok – True Value carries one by Ken Hom but I ordered mine from The Wok Shop in San Francisco and had it sent through Johnny Air

Mommy-related items

Bellybuds – Babyland, Glorietta 3 near Mercury Drug

Breastmilk bags – Mothercare, Baby Company, or on sulit.com.ph

Breast pumps – Mothercare, Rustan’s, Baby Company or order through Amazon, even with shipping cost it is much cheaper

Lactation massage – Lita Nery, Mom massage


12 responses

  1. hi, have been searching for the contact no. of lita nery. do you by any chance have her contact no.? thank you.

  2. HI,

    I need to buy the items below.

    – cordura fabric
    – canvas fabric
    – printed and customized canvas fabric

    All of the fabric I’ve mentioned are needed to make a bag.


  3. Hi, I have been searching for tapioca flour everywhere and I can’t find them. It’s good to know that I can find them in Salcedo or SM makati! How much do they cost and for how many grams?

    Rustan’s also sells tapioca flour but it’s pretty expensive!

  4. Hi,
    Do you have any more info where can I get the tapioca starch in sm makati? I mean which floor and what’s the landmark of the place?

  5. Hi Chef Jay’s,
    which Rustan were you referring to I tried in power plant and century city but cant find it.
    Really need to go to SM Makati I guess…

  6. Hey, I’ve been looking around Manila on where to buy Almond Milk (sweetened or unsweetened), Vegan Mexican Cheese (or any kind of vegan cheese), and mock meat/tofu meat? (I only found “fish tofu” and tried it. They kinda tasted like fishballs that they sell around the streets and I’m not so confident about it.)

    I can’t seem to find them on SM groceries and I tried asking the staff but they don’t know what they are. I sometimes do my groceries at Metro Market! Market! but it’s always so crowded so it’s difficult to shop properly.

    I live near Market! Market!, SM Aura Premier, and BGC. I recently moved to the Philippines so I’m pretty new. Any ideas?


  7. You can find Tahina at Assad’s in Makati and UN Avenue. You can also find buttermilk , all kinds of flour and a variety of baking essentials at Bakers Depot . They have several branches and you can Google them to find the locations and a list of what they stock.

  8. I went to Manila today to buy some items from Bakers Depot and found that the stores in Monumento and North Edsa Walter Mart don’t exist. I have no idea if this company has gone out of business or if other branches are still operating. Anyway my apologies if anyone went on a wild goose chase.

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