Hard water problems in Manila?

We’re beyond excited to move into our new house, but when we last visited, I noticed that the brand new fixtures we installed already had *gasp* water stains.  We asked around and found out that our new neighborhood, although very nice, has hard water.  Sorry, first world problem, I know.  But seriously, hard water brings a lot of problems – build up of residue in pipes, stains on fixtures and shower walls (my pet peeve), not to mention dry skin and buildup on hair (!!!).

My husband tasked the Part Time Homemaker with reading up and finding water filtration systems within Metro Manila.  I kept putting it off thinking that it would be a snap, but finding a water filtration system here is much less common than I thought.  I checked online and there are so many types of systems that are available – in other countries.  Hahaha.  🙂  Anyway, I finally stumbled upon Aqua Add-on Systems Inc, website here and they appear to have a home filtration system that will cure our hard water problems.  They’re scheduled to visit the house tomorrow, will let you all know how it works out!

If any of you know of any other water filtration company/provider, please do let me know.  🙂


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  1. We also have hard water in our area, we just bought a softener/purifier from Ace Hardware. Still observing though coz we just had it attached a few wks ago.

  2. Hi,
    I found your website while googling for graham mango cake.

    My Filipino caretaker is more mango obsessed than me!
    She always talks about the Carabao mango during summer lunches, when when finish with mango.

    It is a shame the Carabao mango is not exported to the United States.
    Considering it is perishable, I imagine many people here would pay a reasonable premium for mangoes in February.

    I read your post about water filtration and my recommendation follows.

    Soma is a German engineered system like no other.
    My husband found it on kickstarter.com, a website which hosts fundraisers for start-up companies with a novel idea.

    The filtered water is excellent for a most reasonable service.
    In my opinion and that of a neighbor, it is second to FIJI bottled water.

    I think your problem will be easily solved by the Soma Water Filtration System.




  3. I was reading your post. I just moved in the alabang area. I need a good water sofener. Can you tell me if you have solved it?

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