Music for Baby – a Bellybuds review

Every mommy wants to do everything perfectly during her pregnancy to give her baby the best headstart possible in life.  This is why I purchased Bellybuds through Amazon after much research on all the contraptions that allow your baby to listen to music in the womb. I’m not sure if they really do work in terms of enhancing mental development since there’s no definitive research proving or disproving that playing music to the baby in the womb does make a difference later in life.  But I figure it couldn’t hurt and besides, she seems to like it, well at least that’s how I interpret all her kicking and thumping around whenever I play some music.  Our baby listens to baby Mozart and nursery rhymes, you can get CDs in any Odyssey or SM for around 100-300 Php for a compilation.  We bought our CDs in Odyssey Greenbelt 1 and SM Makati.  She also gets a little Metallica and Coldplay every now and then for good measure!  🙂

I’m not quite sure how loud I’m supposed to play music for the baby but I figure the sound has to travel through my skin and all the fluid surrounding her so I make it a little louder than I’m used to.  She gets her music fix for around 30 minutes a day during the evenings when she’s wide awake.

Bellybuds come with a pouch, additional adhesive rings, silicon covers, and an audio splitter so you can listen to your baby’s music too.

Bellybuds, neoprene storage pouch, audio splitter

Pros:  Quick, convenient way for baby to listen to music no matter where you are.  Just plug them into your iPod, iPhone or computer and you’re good to go.  When you’re done, the pouch slips easily into your purse!  I find these less conspicuous than the music belts that I’ve seen online.  Adhesives allow the Bellybuds to stick easily to your tummy but I prefer to use them under my maternity pants to keep them in place instead.

Cons:  You have to change the adhesives every now and then and refills cost extra.  But you don’t really need to buy them if you secure them with your maternity pants.  Also, don’t lose the white peanut shaped thing that the Bellybuds are mounted on or you won’t have any place to store them without damaging the adhesives.  Here’s a picture of the adhesive portion of the Bellybuds:

All in all, I highly recommend them for any expectant mommy.  We are hoping that she turns from her current footling breech position to cephalic before she’s ready to come out.  A lot of the reviews online say that playing music is effective in helping a breech baby to turn since babies apparently try to move their heads towards the music.  I’m skeptical but hopefully it works!

Update:  Our baby changed her position from breech to cephalic around 3 weeks after I started using the Bellybuds.  There’s no way to conclude what exactly made her turn, but we’re just happy she did!  🙂