Burda style magazine in Manila!

This week is Holy Week in the Philippines which means that almost everyone is on leave and on vacation…but I’m still at work since it’s not the best idea for me to make long trips or to fly somewhere almost 36 weeks into my pregnancy. I’m saving my leaves for Christmas break! Happily though, something arrived today to keep me company at work (although it means I wont be getting much work done):

I’ve been really curious about the Burda style magazine since so many hobby seamstresses and blogs often post about it. It can’t be purchased anywhere here in Manila (like a lot of sewing supplies and references) but luckily I saw a link on burdastyle.com here which directed me to http://www.newsstand.co.uk. I ordered just 3 issues first since I’m not sure how much I will like the magazines and how easy it will be to sew from them. The first one arrived today, and from the looks of it I’ll be getting a longer subscription. 🙂 Only thing is I’m not used to tracing out patterns since I’ve only used the ones from the Big 4 which I just cut out. It’s always fun to teach yourself new things though! If you guys have any tips or suggestions or favorite patterns from the new magazine do let me know! 🙂