Mango float (Mango graham refrigerator cake)

Mango float?  Mango graham cake?  My husband and I were debating as to what this well-loved Filipino dessert should be called, but no matter what you call it, it’s always delicious and it’s always a hit as dessert at home or when anyone brings it to a party.  Plus, it couldn’t be easier to make, with only 4 ingredients.

Mango float

(Makes enough to fill an 8×8 baking pan)

  • 3 Ripe mangoes
  • Condensed milk (1 can, I used Carnation)
  • Cream (I used 1 can and 1 250 ml tetra pack of Nestle Cream)
  • 1 pack of Graham crackers (200 g)

First, mix together your condensed milk and cream in a bowl, adjust to however sweet you would like it to be.  Slice up your mangoes, then you’re ready to begin putting everything together!  Start with a graham cracker layer, laying them evenly across the bottom of your pan – it doesn’t really matter what comes first, but I find it’s easier to slice with a solid bottom layer.  Then add some of your sweetened cream mixture, then a layer of mangoes.

Keep on going until you almost hit the top of your pan, then finish with some graham cracker crumbs.  I find that it’s a waste to buy the crumbs since it only takes a few minutes to crush them by hand straight into the pan.  Cover with cling wrap and stick everything in your freezer overnight.

This was dessert after our lunch today!  Comforting, cool (it’s been so hot lately!) and delicious.  I’ve tried making this recipe using bananas, strawberries and avocados (one at a time, not all together!) and they’ve all come out great, but this is still our favorite.  Then again it’s hard to go wrong with fruit, sweetened cream, and graham crackers.  🙂