Frozen Zubuchon

Since Sunday is the only day that my husband and I both get to sleep in, brunch or lunch is almost always a hearty, leisurely home-cooked meal.  This is what I currently have thawing in the fridge for tomorrow:

Lechon (roasted pig) is a delicacy in the Philippines, and Zubuchon definitely needs no introductions since Anthony Bourdain pronounced it “the best pig ever!”  My job brings me to Cebu every now and then, and I love lechon…which means I try to have it every time I visit Cebu.  I have tried CNT (too salty and they run out really, really early), Claire’s and Rico’s and a whole lot of local lechons, but I keep going back to Zubuchon since I tried it some time last year.  The crispy skin and tasty, tender meat (no sauce needed) is addictive!  They have several branches in Cebu now, you can find the locations in this link.

They have fresh lechon and fried lechon (pritchon) meals with delicious atchara (pickled vegetables) in their branches, but since I’m almost always rushing to and from my hotel to meetings to the airport, I usually end up with frozen lechon that you can buy at the departure area for 480 Php per kilo.  Luckily, it thaws and reheats beautifully.  Oh, and you don’t have to worry about getting non-premium pieces even if it’s already packed (like strawberries or vegetables in the market with the crappy stuff under a fresh, pretty layer – I’m sure a lot of you know what I mean).  I’ve eaten more kilos than I’d like to admit so I can attest to the quality of the frozen Zubuchon.  I’ve also experimented with several types of reheating to get the skin crispy, and I’ve finally nailed it.  More details on this tomorrow!  🙂